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The fall is my absolute favourite season of the year. Leaves change colours, the wind gets colder, drinks get warmer, and the changes of a new season of life start. Little ones start back to school and routines actually become routine again. Sweaters get pulled out from top shelves in closets and warm boots, too! Our family already has our first pumpkin patch visit on our calendar where we will find the best pumpkin (according to my two year old) and bring it home. It will grace our front doorstep as a reminder that the autumn has finally arrived. 

Just like the leaves on the trees who know it is time for their deep green foliage to slowly begin to fade into brilliant yellows and bright reds, we here at Darling Emma Handmade know that a new next chapter coming soon for us. We are so grateful for all the love and support we have had this past year of business while we've been growing. Starting as seedlings sitting in a Starbucks thinking of some fun idea of making hair bows for our little girls to now having leaves on a young tree that are full and changing with the seasons, dreaming big dreams for our small business. We have come a long way and learned so much in just one year. We have had ups and downs, and twists and turns, but we've have become better and stronger mom bosses because of it. We are bursting with excitement about the many plans we have for Darling Emma Handmade.

This new collection is just the beginning. Full of dark tones, rich textures, and a beautiful selection of Liberty of London florals, we are beyond excited to share these handmade classic bows with you for your modern babes. They are the perfect touch to any little girl's fall wardrobe. 

So let this be the perfect start to a new season! Thank you so much for following along with us as we've created Darling Emma Handmade. Be on the look out for exciting changes and new products launching in the near future. We can't wait for our tree's leaves to be the most colourful and radiant that you've seen yet!


Seija & Heidi

Brigid Oversized Classic Bow
Mabel Classic Bow
Navy Stripe Linen Classic Bow
Spice Oversized Classic Bow
Oat Linen Classic Bow
Adeline Oversized Classic Bow & Navy Oversized Classic Bow
Navy Oversized Classic Bow
Brigid Oversized Classic Bow
Mabel Classic Bow
Oat Linen Classic Bow & Adeline Soother Clip
Oat Linen Pigtail Set
Adaline Oversized Classic Bow & Navy Oversized Classic Bow

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